Concord-Carlisle Youth Lacrosse offers an instructional lacrosse program for which no prior experience is necessary. We concentrate on the development of individual skills and fundamental game concepts.

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Girls Youth Lacrosse Rules and Penalties

The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal. The team with the most goals wins. Each team has twelve players on the field: a goalie, six attackers and five defenders. There is no contact allowed in girl's lacrosse. 
  • Play starts with the draw at center field. The ball must go above the heads of the players. A maximum of five players from each team may be within the restraining lines for the draw but must be outside the center circle. In the case of an illegal draw, possession is awarded by the official.
  • Games are played in two twenty five minute halves. There is no overtime in the event of a tie at the end of regulation time. Teams may request a two minute timeout after a goal is scored. In the last two minutes of play the clock will not be stopped.
  • There are no measured field boundaries but the desired field is 100 yards long by 70 yards wide.
  • All players must use approved equipment. No jewelry may be warn with the exception of Med-Alert indicators which must be secured with tape.
  • Substitutions may take place at any time and may involve an unlimited number of players.
  • There is no checking allowed at the 3rd/4th grade or 5th/6th grade levels. Modified checking is allowed at the 7th/8th grade level. This means that the check will be downward, below the shoulder and away from the body with both hands on the stick. Contact may be made with the opponent's stick only.


  • Illegal check or slash - checks must be as described above. Any other form of contact will be an illegal check. Checks may not hook the bottom end of an opponent's stick. An empty stick check violation occurs when a player checks the empty stick of another player who is attempting to gain possession of the ball.
  • Obstruction of shooting space occurs when a defender does not permit the attacker an opportunity to make a safe shot on goal.
  • A player may not be within the 8-meter arc for more than three seconds unless defending an opponent no more than a stick length away.
  • Holding or pushing an opponent.
  • Tripping.
  • Charge or push an opponent with the body or stick.
  • Dangerous use of stick occurs if a player uses her stick to intimidate another player or is using the stick in an uncontrolled manor. A player may never use her stick within a seven inch margin around her opponent's head and neck.
  • Dangerous shot occurs when a player makes a shot on goal that is directed at the goalie's or another player's body.
  • Three pass rule: a player may not make a shot on goal unless three passes, including the goalie's clear, are attempted. This rule may be modified upon agreement of both coaches and the official
  • Goal circle violation occurs when a player or her stick enters the goal circle.
  • Goal circle re-entry: once the goalie leaves the goal circle with the ball she may not re-enter the circle unless she is checked by an opponent.She may toss the ball back into the circle and follow it.
  • The goalie has ten seconds to clear the ball from the goal circle.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct includes taunting, intimidation during play, throwing equipment, obscene or offensive language or gestures or whatever conduct the official may consider inappropriate.
You may reference the Founders Girls Lacrosse League site for more details on the rules:

Founders rules revised March 2013:

ield Preparation
Grades 3-8 play on standard field (90-120 x 50-70 yds)
Grades 1/2 play on small field (50-70 x 25 yds).
All spectators/parents must sit on opposite side of field from players and are not permitted to coach from that sideline.
Cones put on the field 5 yds on either side of the center line to denote the substitution area.  All players must leave and enter the field through this area
Team size
Grades 7/8 and Grades 5/6 play eleven field players and one goalkeeper. Offsides? Must always have 4 players back behind the restraining line.  This leaves 7 players within the offensive zone or if your team is on defense, 7 players and a goalie.  The only exception is when your player is serving a penalty, you will only have 6 in the offensive zone or defensive zone.
Grades 3/4 play nine field players and one goalkeeper.  Offsides? Must always have 3 players back behind the restraining line.  This leaves 6 players within the offensive zone or if your team is on defense, 6 players and a goalie.  The only exception is when your player is serving a penalty, you will only have 5 in the offensive zone or defensive zone.
Grades 1/2 play with seven field players plus one optional goalkeeper. 
Grades 7/8 – Coaches allowed between their own end line and the substitution line
Grades 5/6 – Coaches allowed between their own end line and the substitution line
Grades 3/4 – Coaches allowed to walk up and down the entire sidelines
Grades 1/2 – One coach is allowed to be on the field directing players
Lacrosse sticks
Grades 3-8 use regulation pocket (For Grade 3/4, stick check at Umpire discretion).
Boys’ lacrosse sticks are not allowed. 
Shooting String rule:  There may be no more than two coils or twists of the shooting string “between the thongs” (vertical strings, or leather, or synthetic stringing). The total number of coils or twists of the shooting string between the thongs should be counted.  Do not count the twists or coils between the thongs and the sidewall.  It does not matter if the cross lacing comes between the coils or twists.

See US lacrosse Link for description of rule and pictures of both legal and illegal stringing:
Duration of Play
Grades 5/6 and 7/8 play 25-minutes running time per half.
Grades 3/4 play 20 minutes running half
Grades 1/2 play 20 minutes running half.   Clock does not stop for whistles in final two minutes of either half.
For all grades:  One 2-minute time-out per half per team.  Clock stops during time outs. 
Three Pass Rule (3/4 AND 5/6 GRADE ONLY)
There is no three pass rule for the 7/8 grade
No player may shoot until her team has attempted or completed three passes (Minor Foul)
1.     Keeper clear is counted as 1 pass.  If the ball is played back to keeper, pass count stays at 1.  
2.     Pass or attempt is counted when receiver gains control of ball (not when passer throws it).
3.     If a team loses ball to the opposing team (opposing team gains control of ball), pass count   automatically resets to 0.
4.     If keeper makes save and retains control of ball, pass count resets to zero.  Even if attacking team intercepts keeper clear, they must make 3 more passes before shooting.
5.     If keeper makes save but does not retain control of ball (rebound is outside goal circle), attacking team can pick up ball and immediately shoot because they retain accumulated pass count.
6.     Umpires (not coaches) are responsible for audibly counting pass completions.  Umpires should avoid saying, "you may shoot” / "go to goal." They should say, "you have 3 passes."
Note: Umpires use their judgment in determining what is a legitimate pass in each game.
No checking Grade 3/4, 5/6 (Major Foul).
Grade 7/8 modified checking only – entire stick below shoulder (Major Foul).
NOTE:  Stick-to-stick contact does not necessarily violate this rule if the attack player (not defender) initiates the contact.
No scoreboards allowed. Coaches will keep score and notify umpire if there is a four-goal differential. 
Team with fewer goals can choose free position at midfield rather than a draw. 
Coaches should discretely adjust play in lopsided games.
Zero Tolerance
FGLL has zero tolerance for misconduct of players, coaches or followers.
FGLL defines misconduct as any action taken by an individual that interferes with the safety and/or sportsmanship of the game, including verbal comments to umpires, players or coaches.
A team follower’s misconduct may result in a yellow or red card assessed to the coach. 
Penalties assessed for misconduct must be reported to the FGLL Competition Committee via an incident report (
Umpires are reminded about the following US Lacrosse Youth Rules:

Defensive 3-seconds
No holding the ball for more than 3 seconds when closely guarded/marked and the defense has both hands on her stick and is in position to legally check were checking allowed.  (All levels, Minor Foul)
Goal circle
If any part of the player’s body or stick crosses over the goal circle, the goal does not count.
Goalie Clear
No deputy is allowed at any level.
Yellow Card  - The player must leave the field for two minutes and the team must play short of player below the restraining lines on each end of the field.  This means you must always have 4 back behind the restraining line.  The penalty is 2 minutes and must be served completely.  The penalty is not waived off after a goal.