Concord-Carlisle Youth Lacrosse offers an instructional lacrosse program for which no prior experience is necessary. We concentrate on the development of individual skills and fundamental game concepts.

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Regardless of position, there are basic individual skills that all players should have.  Many of these skills can be practiced at home and away from the lacrosse field.

Throwing and catching: players should be able to throw and catch the ball on both sides of their body.  Their natural throwing side is called their strong side and the other is their weak side.  It's important to be able to switch from one to the other to throw and catch as the situation demands.

Cradling is the act of carrying the ball in the stick while move the stick from side to side to keep the ball in the webbing. 

Scooping a ground ball and gaining possession.

Dodging: changing direction while protecting the stick to avoid or pass an opponent.

Proper execution of these skills will be the focus of many practices but repetition is the key to learning and mastering them.  We recommend that all players, regardless of experience, continue to practice the basic skills outside of practice.