Concord-Carlisle Youth Lacrosse offers an instructional lacrosse program for which no prior experience is necessary. We concentrate on the development of individual skills and fundamental game concepts.

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Boy's Lacrosse Positions



The three attackmen generally limit their play to the offensive end of the field working with the midfielders to score goals. They will maneuver in front of and behind the goal to set up and take shots.


The midfielders cover the entire field playing both offense and defense. They must have speed and stamina in order to make the transition from one end to the other quickly.


The defensemen generally play only in the defensive end of the field and are primarily responsible for defending the goal. They are also crucial in clearing the ball to the offensive end of the field with the midfielders. Defensemen may use a longer shaft on their sticks to assist in intercepting passes and to give them an advantage in scooping ground balls.


The goalie defends the goal and prevents the opposing team from scoring. A good goalie directs his teammates in defense because he can see the field with the play unfolding in front of him.