Concord-Carlisle Youth Lacrosse offers an instructional lacrosse program for which no prior experience is necessary. We concentrate on the development of individual skills and fundamental game concepts.

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Lacrosse clubs are a great opportunity for those players who are looking for more skill development, competition and off-season play. There are a variety of girls lacrosse club options in the metro Boston area, with a range of levels of commitments, formats and philosophies. Clubs traditionally hold tryouts in July/August. Below are a few club websites where you can gain more information, should your player be interested. CCYL supports players of all skill levels and interests and does not endorse any club.

Bay State Bullets The Bay State Bullets encourages female lacrosse players to learn proper fundamental technique, develop individual skill sets and then employ their talents within a team concept.  Player development is fostered through a myriad of instructional and competitive opportunities.  While experiencing an intensive team building, training sessions, clinics, and tournaments, Bay State Bullet players learn, grow, and compete in a supportive yet challenging environment.  Players will learn and develop values of leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork. 
CMASS Lacrosse Central Mass Club Lacrosse is a small, family owned business - not a lacrosse factory.  They put each athlete first.  CMASS Lacrosse will work to inspire each player and build her confidence so she can thrive on and off the lacrosse field.
Laxachusetts is a highly competitive lacrosse club for student-athletes in Massachusetts. LXC provides a positive environment where players can grow and develop their lacrosse skills and learn the game of lacrosse while developing leadership, teamwork and good sportsmanship.  LXC teaches and reinforces excellence in the execution and fundamentals of the game of lacrosse. Our game will be imbedded with integrity, hard work and intelligence.
Revolution Lacrosse

Revolution Lacrosse is focused on helping their athletes reach their potential on and off the field. They are a potential based organization who believes in helping athletes reach their highest level of performance, confidence and leadership.  Revolution has the experience and contacts that comes with 17 years of excellence, dedication, culture, contacts, and history.  They focus on individual improvement and team play based on REVlax’s Core Principles: 110%, DO NOT QUITBE THE BEST TEAMMATE POSSIBLE.

Storm Lacrosse Storm Club Lacrosse, strives to provide the best experience for each and every one of their players. It is their job to make lacrosse fun and competitive for all players. Between team practices and wall ball sessions, each of their players has the ability to be the best she can be. They provide resources for players to improve, develop and bring her game to the next level.